Ultimate Fitness: Stronger and Healthier Effortlessly

"I bought one of your silent files related to exercising. I am very slim, but just because one is slim doesn’t meant one is healthy. And actually my whole life I hated to exercise.

After buying it, I realized I was doing squats daily. And the 5 Tibetans which is a powerful yoga process. And willingly, not forcing myself!

Before, I just would not do any exercise I never did. Someone who’s 36 can’t just force themselves to exercise.

The squats I started out at 5, then 20 , then 25 then 50. Just spontaneously. I am getting stronger and healthier so effortlessly! The fact that the file is silent and only 1 minute long makes it easy to use, and it is so very powerful and helpful. Thank you!

Wiola G, London, England

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I wanted to tell you how great the Ultimate Fitness Transition has been working for me...


Maiyah is totally spot on!! The theme of rebirth has been in my life recently. I felt a calm and a funny sensation in my solar plexus as she did the clearing.


I felt a negative release. I have more energy and feel more positive and confident.

Coconut Creek

It felt so true what Maiyah told me about that past life

Dear Darius and Maiyah, thank you so much!!! I feel like I have been run over by a car but I am so thankful for the healing. It felt so true what Maiyah told me about that past life, wow, I hope this can be the last piece and become pregnant soon. Many blessings and much love.

Carolina in Delfgauw


I just looked in the mirror and I look younger! WOW!


I feel lighter!!! No heaviness in my sacral chakra anymore which I usually have CONSTANTLY throughout the day. Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

Clarendon Hills


This offer is SO AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN + I just got package C. 🙂 🙂 🙂



Feeling awesome right now after the group session - thank you Maiyah!!!!



I have done Maiyah's aging course and look younger by 15 years. I was able to win a fitness comp at age 60, and did a 5 and half minute plank, so that is AWESOME.


Maiyah really helped shift my relationships

I have done the Abundance Through Ecstasy and Allowing Continuous Joy programs with Maiyah. I have noticed a gentle continuous improvement in my life, but over the last 6 months there has been great change. My one on one appointment with Maiyah really helped shift my relationships with my young adult children. AND her sense of humor and approach to ascension is hysterical! I have recommended her work to my friends, and wish I could afford to do EVERY package she creates. 🙂 And thank you DARIUS for introducing to Maiyah back in December!

Kelli in Flagstaff, AZ

Your Free Gift -- Little Money Miracle!

Hi Maiyah
On February 6, I signed up for your Your Free Gift -- Little Money Miracle!
On February 8, I found a check for $210.00 dated November 11 2014. This was a welcome surprise, I had forgotten about it and in the process of throwing out old mail I rescued it from the garbage.
Thank you very much.


You are phenomenal

New Jersey

Panic and PTSD Healed!


The week before I found Maiyah's work, we were considering giving up our Scottish Deerhound dog. His daily panic attacks caused him to jump uncontrollably, and he'd accidentally hurt my Mum in his frenzy. This was a particularly difficult decision for my dad, who also had anxiety attacks due to decades of PTSD from combat experience. Though he'd had years of therapy from psychologists and specialists, his PTSD did not improve. Now look at them! Within 2 months, both of them had improved so much that they began competing in shows. And now, 8 months later Aslan our dog has won numerous first place, Best in Breed, been made an Irish Champion, and will soon be a International Champion. Mum also suffered from PTSD and depression and anxiety which made her housebound, she is now going out. Thank you so much for all the positive changes in our lives!


Little Money Miracle Is Right!

Thank you very much Maiyah, Right after I clicked on the Little Money Miracle, I got treated unexpectedly to lunch by a friend and just now, my 8 year old guitar student came over by surprise and brought me five wrapped gifts, some of which she had hand made!



3 weeks into the course for me ... i have made a lot of changes related to my own practice/business and stepped more out of my comfortzone then ever and created a lot of new ideas to implement for my clients!

i found it to be that from week 3 the last 2 days were intense for me very emotional.

Even my mom who was not doing the mandalas and audios, but received the 30 days with me was experiencing the same (maybe also my energy field change that was nudging things within her)

even my dogs kept looking at me funny hehe and they are yawning and releasing stuff on their own! It's really funny to see!

In Private Practice

Praise from the Founder of EFT, Gary Craig!

Maiyah shows us amazing skills with grace...there is a lot to be learned from her masterful work with PTSD, relationship healing and sexual issues.

Founder and Creator, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Endorsed by Dr. Stanley Krippner, Renowned Expert on Parapsychology and PTSD

Stanley Krippner Testimonial

One 20 minute session with Maiyah ended my knee pain of 12 years. I had been hit by a car in Spain in the year 2001, which broke my leg. Thanks to Maiyah, I am painfree! It's astounding!

I continue to be impressed by Maiyah's wide range of abilities and knowledge. She continues to develop her skills in the mind-body disciplines and passes what she has learned on to her students and clients. Maiyah is in the vanguard of 20th century innovators of effective health practices.

- Professor Emeritus at Saybrook Institute


I have fought MS and Fibromyalgia for over 10 years. Today I took my first class with Maiyah and I feel GREAT!!! I have energy and I feel alive! It's amazing! I didn't know I could feel this good again, after suffering for so many years!

- Chesapeake, VA

Ana Marie

I came in with a terrible stiff neck I've had for over a week now. Today I took a class with Maiyah. Not only did I feel a shift in my energy, but the stiffness in my neck went away! I can move my neck side to side.


- Smithfield, VA


I had a concern over my, at the time, 15-month-old daughter's pooping. She had pooping issues since she was born, and, as a first time mom, I finally realized around a year old that she was purposely holding her poop. Understand that we tried all food that helps one poop, Miralax, and daily suppositories. I felt that if I started her potty training, that would help give her some choice of when she went.

While the beginning stage was proving helpful, she was still needing our help, so I went to Maiyah because the emotional side of this was something our pediatrician couldn't fix with meds. Maiyah did energy work on me, my husband, my daughter, the dogs, and our house since all of our energies affect one another, and literally the next day, my daughter pooped without help and even looked at her poop and smiled, whereas before she looked uncomfortable or upset.

She has not needed any suppositories since, and we only use Miralax in her milk presently (we wanted to taper off). But not only were there changes in her elimination comfort, she learned four new signs, attempted to say words when asked (she resisted both of these before), and was happier in general. I experienced immediate changes in my attitude towards my husband, and the dogs seemed relaxed during times where they often become antsy.

Finally, my husband was promoted.

What I love about Maiyah besides her ability to help transform patterns is her guidance in helping me continue the work on my own at home.  She loves to help shift people's lives if they want it and is not trying to create dependency on her skills.

I returned to her a month later to work on another issue that also produced positive, productive results.  I love Maiyah and consider her an integral part of both my and my family's emotional, mental, and physical well-being because she helps shift the cause of problems, not just bandaids them.  She has proved to be an excellent complement to our other healthcare resources. Thank you, Maiyah!

- Fargo, ND

Cindy N

Hi, Maiyah!! You'll never guess what happened!

The next night after you did the long distance “piledriver healing” process, my ex-husband called me! He rarely called while we were dating--he isn't much for using the phone. Always short conversations just to tell me good morning or goodnight, a quick 'I love you' then we'd text even when we were "courting" and married.

Well, that next night he called and talked to me for nearly 3 hours.

He cried- just sobbed, asked my forgiveness, asked to stay friends, told me a whole bunch of things I hadn't known.
He keeps texting me telling me that cry was the most healing thing that has ever happened to him! He actually said if he didn't know better he'd think I put a spell on him, lol!

But it was a real miracle. He is a good person down deep, he just needed to get back in touch with that good man.

You do wonderful work!

I feel so much less damaged by that relationship, once again I am able to appreciate the good and kind things he did for me, because he really did act as a force for good in my life. I'm grateful to you to be able to keep those good gifts.

Thank you again for helping so much, Maiyah!

- Austin, TX


I was going through a terrible, terrible divorce. My former husband was lying about his income and had sold my car without my permission (after I'd supported him for 3 years while he looked for “the perfect job"). I took Maiyah's Creating Money Easily Class and also had 10 private sessions. My husband and his lawyer looked over the settlement that my lawyer requested and signed it without any changes.

My lawyer was astounded, because he'd deliberately asked more than he thought we could get “You're getting more support than most women who have 3 kids,” he said.

Also, 8 months later I landed a phenomenal client which literally increased my monthly income by ten-fold. Not ten percent. Ten-fold. I now make TEN TIMES what I used to. In 8 months, the amount I spent on Maiyah's work paid me back over 20 times, and now I am set to make 6 figures every year until I retire.

- Hampton, Virginia


My husband had back pain for over 20 years. As part of a fundraiser, Maiyah did a mini-session for him of 20 minutes, and told him that a sharp blow had moved part of his consciousness out of his head to the left. And it had caused some kind of altered state of consciousness and maybe seizures. She said it had to do with the number 4, but she didn't know if it was 4 days or months or week because he was difficult to read because he has energy training of some kind, perhaps qi gong, and she respects his privacy.

When he was four years old he was struck on the head and lost consciousness. This triggered epilepsy in him, which only ended when he studied energy through martial arts and qi gong. His back pain ended that day and has never come back, and ever since then his life has improved tremendously in every way.

He was so blown away by her accuracy and the relief that he accused me of telling her about the injury!  But I had only met her that night!  She's amazing!

- Maryland


In my third session, Maiyah told me to focus on doubling my income. I walked around saying “I receive twice as much,” to myself. Well, that week a woman came into my shop, saying she wanted item I had in my display and offered me $180 for it. I told her that was more than my price. She said “It's fine, it's exactly what I need.” I made twice as much as expected! Also, I ordered one car for my taxi business. When I went to the loading dock to pick it up, the attendant showed me two cars.

“What do you mean?” I exclaimed. He showed me the shipping manifest. For the price I had paid for one car, they sent two cars. Both of them work. It is unbelievable!

– Costa Rica


That two hour session healed over 12 years of bad sex. Ethan and I had more sex in 9 days than we did in our previous 6 year relationship, and I felt emotionally, spiritually, and energetically fulfilled and connected with him in ways I'd never dreamed possible.

And Ethan said 'I have died and gone to heaven.  Your passion and enthusiasm and orgasmic response are incredible!  I am going to light candles to St. Maiyah of sexual fulfillment.'

Thank you so much, Maiyah! I'm a new, fulfilled woman because of your work!

- Virginia Beach, VA


After just one session I booked two more coaching clients, more than quadrupling the amount I invested in my session with you!  I can focus much more, and am completing tasks and being 6 times more productive! I also manifested a great career opportunity that uses my skills and gives me a lot of exposure. Thank you so much!

- Norfolk, VA


Maiyah, you turned my $300 into $30,000 by creating a money miracle for my sister in Massachusetts. At age 15 her aggressive, special needs son outweighs her by 70 pounds, but cannot into a residential home until he is 18. She is just barely holding onto her house after her divorce even with help from our family.

After the intensive session, she was awarded $30,000 for a year of daily help from a program. She didn't even have to apply for it! The case workers submitted her details for her without telling her probably the day after the session! And the man who is assigned to her son is wonderful.I cannot thank you enough!

- Virginia Beach, VA


From the very first session, I felt like I had 25 years of therapy in 90 minutes! You saved me literally thousands of dollars in counseling. Also, I am happier every day than I ever imagined I could be and so I don't do out of control 'retail therapy' any more.

- Virginia Beach, VA
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