Prior and current clients and students have experienced:

  • shrinking of tumor (verified by a physician)
  • saving a foot that was going to be amputated (verified by a physician)
  • a different tumor moving from an inoperable location inside the skull to an operable location on the neck and shrinking (verified by a physician)
  • reversing diabetes in 1 session (verified by a physician)
  • ending 20 years of low back pain in 1 session many other clients relieved of recurrent back pain
  • many clients relieved of recurring headaches including migraines


  • receiving 2 cars for the price of 1
  • receiving $120,000 after an intensive program
  • increasing monthly salary by 10 fold after an intensive program
  • husband was promoted in record time
  • husband was moved to their posting of choice
  • investment was multiplied 100 times within a week
  • house sold in 2 weeks in a down market


  • many clients improved family life – no more fighting
  • many clients finding ideal life partner – no more commitment phobes or liars
  • many clients becoming multiply orgasmic – their boyfriends and husbands are ecstatic!
  • ended panic attacks and taken off anxiety meds (verified by a physician)
  • no more PTSD symptoms after assault, combat, molestation, rape
  • no more bedwetting, no more night terrors after 2 sessions

Peak Performance

  • two clients went from Fs to As in mathematics in less than a week
  • triple jumper increased his personal best by 5 feet after one session
  • dancers increased their vertical leap by 2 inches after one session
  • client who had failed a professional exam due to anxiety passed easily
  • high school wrestler ranked lower than 20th in the state of Pennsylvania took sixth place at State Championships
  • a college varsity athlete who asked to be “nationally known” was a finalist for the prestigious Arthur Ashe award for academic and athletic excellence. Top 10 out of over 600 nominees.



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