1)  Roxy Achieves Multiple Os

This one originally appeared in the EFT Insights Newsletter (June 27, 2008) published by Gary Craig.
Featured Article #3: Roxy gets multiple “Bedroom O’s” with EFT: “Maiyah Olivas skillfully uses EFT to remove the bedroom inhibitions of a previously molested woman.” — GC (Gary Craig)


The Roxy article en Espanol (in Spanish):



2) PTSD Symptoms Disappear after 1 EFT Session

This one also originally appeared in the EFT Insights Newsletter but unfortunately I can’t find the original email with the date in it. Apologies!

“Maiyah Olivas graces us with an EFT story that will help us bring relief to our traumatized emergency first responders such as Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Firefighters, Coast Guard personnel, and Police Officers. How many lives could you transform by replicating Maiyah’s efforts? — Hugs, G (Gary Craig)”


The PTSD article en Espanol (in Spanish):