Which program is right for me?

What program would be good for me to purchase for my son? He has been having anxiety for a long time and it is affecting his life.

For your son, I suggest the 30 Day Program. Here is the link to purchase:

Write his name on a piece of paper, and also write the date when you
paid for the 30 Days. The program will begin immediately and work on
him daily for 30 days.

Can I do more than one program at a time?

You can do two programs at the same time. Every session is different because all clients are different and every day is different. Maiyah has training/experience/practice with over 30 modalities, and also often channels new techniques during sessions.

Do you have a “personal package” that can help me through a period of change?

Here is the information on Maiyah’s Going Platinum Program.

This series of energetic downloads is distilled from her $4997 Invitation Only Apprenticeship/Coaching Program.

When she makes it into an on-line course after April she will price it at $1997.

If you choose to purchase the current version (6 recorded classes full of high level energy) through this special link, the price is $897. http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=GKnJk&m=3VNnAlZpeJVSJKB&b=MoLNUfCbX_EQNMqgu_Xg.A

This Intensive series includes 12 processes that helped Maiyah tremendously as she established her presence in the tele summit world in less than 9 months. She is committed to creating a network of high integrity, authentic beings who are doing Platinum Level work exactly where they are.

You will:

1) be empowered to know your own wholeness at all times
2) be empowered with a clear path to your Platinum Destiny(tm): influencing 1 million or more beings and $1 million or more to their highest good
3) be joyful during all aspects of your life
4) see clearly how all choices lead to highest good
5) choose the path that brings the most fulfillment to you and all others

I am looking for a program to use to help me help my children. What is the best program to focus on energies for children?

The Allowing Love Miracles Package is best used by parents focusing on their children. The package will shift the parents’ internal perception of the children, and then positive changes will occur in the whole family.

Allowing Continuous Joy

1. Do I have to do the exercises?

No — as it says in the instructions, the exercises are optional. I
created this package to accommodate different learning styles.
Some people love the exercises and do each one more than once
(especially the mandalas). If you don’t, no worries.

2. There is a lot of talking on the ACJoy Week 1 file. Are all of them like this?

The following weeks’ ACJoy files have short meditations at the
beginning, so you can tell them apart.

3. Do I have to look at the mandalas every day?

No — as it says in the instructions, this is optional. Some
people are visual and find this enjoyable. The Programs will work
whether you look at the mandalas every day or not.

4. What if I can’t print out the mandalas?

Look at them and draw your own version of them, then write “Maiyah’s ATE (or ACJ) mandala Week One” on the drawing. Either color the lines or write the names of the colors beside the lines.

5. What if my printer is only black and white?

Print out the black and white mandala, then color it or write the names of the colors beside the lines.

Multi-Week Healing Sessions

I have a specific problem or health issue I need to work on before my session with you or in between sessions. How do I do that?

Regarding questions in between sessions:

1) if you have previously taken or are currently taking a class with Maiyah, write your concerns in a Journal and place them under your bed with the mandalas.

1. a) Your personal energy sanctuary that is created by the mandalas will work on your issues for you.
2. b) the energy sent by Maiyah during the Class Time will go to your issues;

2) if you are currently participating in the 30 days of Energetic Support, the energy sent daily through that program will address your concerns.

I am working on a multi-week program and experiencing some resistance. How do I know if I need to take a step back or continue because it’s a part of a healing proccess?

1. Here is a process that Maiyah recommends for people to figure out whether or not to “dial back”:

To help you get a clearer sense, follow these directions:

1) center yourself and imagine in your mind a movie screen that is blank

2) the movie screen in your mind will show “Yes” (dial back) or “No”
(continue as directed). Sometimes it will say “Later,” or “Something

General Distance Healing Sessions

How do the General Distance Healing Sessions work?

The General Distance Sessions work on whatever you write down in your own Journal at home. There is no contact with Maiyah directly. They are extremely powerful and many people have had outstanding results from them. Maiyah makes them available so that anyone can afford a personalized session.

I’ve purchased the General Distance Healing Sessions – now what do I do?

All you have to do is say “I willingly receive the 3 sessions that I paid Maiyah for on the following days and at the following times: (your chosen Day 1, your chosen time), (your chosen Day2, your chosen time), (your chosen Day 3, your chosen time).” You may pick 1 week apart or 2 weeks apart. Mark them in your calendar. If you have specific issues to address in each session, write a list (you can write as much as you want to) and write Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 at the top of the list. Or you can use the same list for all three days.

Can I just purchase one General Distance Session with Maiyah?

Yes, you can do a distance remote healing for $50. There won’t be any email follow up, except to let you know that it occurred. Maiyah’s PayPal address is [email protected]
Once the payment has gone through, an energy module will come and hover over your bed. It will download when you say out loud “I willingly receive the distance session I purchased from Maiyah.”
Then it will run for 60 minutes, addressing whatever you have written down in your Journal.

Nature Restoration Basic Sessions

What is the sliding scale pricing for the Nature Restoration Basic Sessions 1, 2 & 3?

People have asked for a sliding scale, based on income. The value of this 3 hour series is $900+. The value of the special “you receive healing every time you send healing” is literally infinite. Total value, over $9997!
1) People in households whose income is top 10% ($150,000 or more per year) your investment is $997.
2) People who are at the “financial happiness mark” ($75,000 – $150,000 per
year) your investment is $697.
3) People who are feeling pinched but doing okay may pay $497
($55,000-$74,000 per year).

4) People who are just making ends meet ($26,000-$54,000) may pay $297.

5) People who make less than $25,000 or are otherwise experiencing dire
financial situations may pay $197.


What if my printer is only black and white?

Print out the black and white mandala, then color it or write the names of the colors beside the lines.

What do I do if I can’t print the Mandalas?

Look at them and draw your own version of them, then write “Maiyah’s ATE (or ACJ) mandala Week One” on the drawing. Either color the lines or write the names of the colors beside the lines.

General instructions for using your Mandalas

1) Print out a copy of the Mandala image
2) Sign and date the Mandala
3) Initialize the Mandala by looking at it and saying out loud:
“I don’t know how I, _____(Your Name)____, willingly receive positive, enjoyable, lasting fulfilling quantum transmutations provided through this mandala in the safest, most effective, loving way possible that upgrades and optimizes every aspect of my life, known and unknown, seen and unseen, real and unreal, conscious and unconscious, spoken and unspoken I only know this is so now and always and I am fulfilled.”
4) Keep looking at the Mandala for 2 minutes.
5) Place the Mandala under your bed (between the mattress and the box spring is fine or inside your pillowcase is fine).

Optional Activities:

1) Print out another copy, initialize it using the instructions above, and carry it around in your backpack, purse or wallet (folding it or making a small copy of the signed, dated mandala is fine).
2) Once a day, look the Mandalas for 2 minutes

Moon Call

Do I need to pay for the Moon Calls?

Yes, the Moon Call is only for people who have taken a paid, more than one session class with me (my typical classes are 6 – 9 hours long, so the level of energetic shift is intense). You are welcome to come to the FaceBook Page at any time and also to the Moon Calls for any even numbered months.

30 Days of Quantum Reinvention Energetic Support Friends and Family Program


This is a remote healing program, and the main group begins the first of the month. Because it is a remote healing, no other action is necessary. The energies will come to you automatically for 30 days, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. While you are sleeping, 4 hours of the work will be intensive. If you begin on a different date, no worries because the energies are intelligent. You will have 30 Complete Days of Energy Healing starting the day you signed up with the form.