As the number of people participating in the Programs expands, the energy gets geometrically more effective (yay!). This also means that useful systems can help all of us get our needs met.

If you all have a question, I request that you follow these steps so it’s easier for us to help you:

a. locate your receipt in your email and “Forward” it to [email protected]

b. write your question at the top of the page, above the receipt

Please remember that everyone on my side is on your side. A lot depends on the volume of mail.  We usually respond within 48 hours during the normal business week (9-5 pm M-F).  Our time zone is US Eastern (New York, NY)

c.  my Team handles questions about the logistics of the courses and sessions.  They will not answer questions about your health or your experiences with the energies.

d.  I am NOT available to personally answer personal emails about your symptoms, situations, or other questions that need to be addressed during a session.

e.  if you would like free energy work, please come to our Facebook Page.  I usually put new modules on daily on selected topics.
Thanks for holding the vision that the whole universe, especially us, is friendly and co-creating positive experiences with you.

P.S. Remember, all emails from me have an energy module in them to further support your wholeness and highest good!