What do I do if I didn’t receive my download page for my program?

Please forward your receipt to [email protected] and we will send you the link.

I thought I scheduled a session with Maiyah but didn’t get a confirmation. How do I know if I have an appointment with her?

If you did not receive a confirmation email from TimeTrade, the appointment with Maiyah did not go through. Please make sure that when you schedule your time, you click the final “Submit” button. Once you do that, you will receive an email with your appointment details. If you need the scheduling link again, please forward your receipt [email protected] for assistance.

If I miss a call or a call is postponed, will the healing energies still be active for that call/link?

The energies are always in the calls and they will work for all persons who have officially signed up for the class. The only time they do not work is when someone has received the link without the proper energy exchange.

I accidentally forwarded an entire email instead of a link to a friend to sign up and now I am worried about negative repercussions to my actions – does that happen?

Maiyah’s work is completely for the highest good of all beings, so there are never any “negative repercussions” from working with her or for passing on the free email.

I have a session scheduled with Maiyah via Skype – what do I do? And how do I get a copy of the recording?

Maiyah’s Skype name is maiyaholivas. She will Skype you at your call time. Maiyah will record her half of the conversation via instantteleseminar and send you the Replay link. The energies in the link will be good for the next 3-6 months. Please download the Replay file from the link ASAP when you receive it.
You don’t need to “listen” to the file, just play it in the background once a day.

I would like to know if you work energetically with people without them knowing and without their permission. Can you help?

If you have heard Maiyah’s calls, you might remember that any changes that happen for others happen mainly because you shift your internal vision of them. Maiyah’s work would mainly shift your personal vision of your son, and then the relationship between you would change. If on some level according to his free will he does not wish to change, then your reactions to him will lessen.

If I send a question to Maiyah will it be addressed on the call?

Whether or not your particular question is read aloud on the air, your issue will be addressed. Also, it is not necessary to send your questions to her — you can just write them in a journal and put the journal under your bed with the mandalas and the energies will still work on them.

Do I actually have to listen to the audio file for it to work?

You don’t have to actively listen to the calls, you can keep the volume low.