Individual Frequency Files are high vibrational SOUNDLESS files that concentrate 90 minutes worth of energy work into a short amount of time.


If you are working with a Package Program, you can add in up to 5 Frequency Files.  Pay attention to how you feel.


For best results:

1)  drink a glass of water before using and drink more water throughout the day

2) for the first week, only use the file ONCE a day

3) after 7 days you may use the file more than once a day

a) start with twice a day and see how you feel.  after 3 days try 3 times a day. after 3 more days try 4 times a day and continue for at least 6 weeks

b) (your comfort level will determine your usage — if you feel irritable, or have a headache, back off

4) after the first 6 weeks, you can play it continuously, depending on your comfort level

5) for best results play at least once daily for at least 6 months