Do I have to do the exercises?
No — as it says in the instructions, the exercises are optional. I created this package to accommodate different learning styles. Some people love the exercises and do each one more than once (especially the mandalas). If you don’t, no worries.

There is a lot of talking on the Week 1 file. Could you make one without the talking?
The following weeks’ ACJoy files only have this phrase at the beginning, so you can tell them apart: “Hi, this is ACJoy Week 2: Worry to Sympathy. Enjoy!”

Do I have to look at the mandala every day?
No — as it says in the instructions, this is optional. Some people are visual and find this enjoyable. The Programs will work whether you look at the mandalas every day or not.

Additional Recommendations?
I do recommend that you drink at least one extra glass of water per
day, because this work is highly detoxifying on many levels. You might have felt a little sleepy, or felt unusual emotions.

Anything that you’ve repressed is coming up to be released. For those of you who keep yourselves busy and prefer to give rather than receive, your soul might choose this time to experience being taken care of by someone else. Allow yourself to enjoy it!