Last week your High Heart (Gold to Platinum) and personal Heart (Green) Chakras were cleansed, upgraded and integrated with the 5 other Chakras we’ve worked on previously:  Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Navel and Solar Plexus.

This week we are healing the Throat and Alta Major Chakras:

Throat: This Chakra is the source of expression and manifestation. And what is expressed or made manifest (made real) is me.

When this is functioning in a healthy way, we speak our minds while remembering our hearts. From a purely “pictorial” point of view, the neck is the mediator between head and heart. It directly reflects how true I am to who I am and my willingness to be true to myself without losing sight of the thoughts, understandings and concerns of those around me

Alta Major (“secret chakra”): Healthy development of this chakra leads to an acquired and conscious control of one’s Soul work on earth.

It has the power to bring down intuitive vision into consciousness. It is the healer’s conscious link with the Higher Mind.

Through the Alta Major center the Spiritual Will of the Crown center is balanced.

Alta Major center is particularly related to sleep and to the working out of past experiences in sleep.
It is helpful to go to sleep with the consciousness gently focused in the Ajna center.

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  1. Download ATEcstasy Week 6 Mandala Image 
  2. Download ATEcstay Week 6 Exercise