Last week your Solar Plexus (Yellow) Chakra was cleansed, upgraded and integrated with the 4 other Chakras we’ve worked on previously:  Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Navel.

Your individual expression, self-identity, unique personality are supported, connected, nurtured and infused with enthusiasm!

Now that you have a clear sense of wholeness that is supported, nurtured and rooted, it’s okay to love.  And that’s what this week is all about.  Two kinds of love:

a) personal Heart (Green Chakra) — intimate close relationships of all kinds including romantic;
b) High Heart (Gold to Platinum Chakra — universal love)

These two chakras will be gently clarified (sometimes they are fused together — especially in OverGivers — you know who you are!  I’m recovering from this myself!) and restructured to suit your highest good in a way that supports and fulfills you!

Please download the items. Right- click on the link and select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ 

  1. Download ATEcstasy Week 5 Mandala Image 
  2. Download ATEcstay Week 5 Exercise