Maiyah Olivas

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“Every moment is an opportunity to reinvent your Universe.” ~ Maiyah Olivas

You know there’s something more.  Your life is good, you appreciate what you have, AND you can feel that there’s something even better that’s just out of reach.

If you could just make a little more time, just take one more class, just master another modality, everything would change!

But, you’re tired. And you’re busy!  And there are a million options to choose from!  Who has the time to figure out what to do next, much less constantly work on themselves?

When my clients and students come to me, they’ve often tried many things: affirmations, mantras and the law of attraction. Like you, they have talent, they have skill.   They’ve made tangible progress, manifested great experiences and are eager to create even better more consistently.

“Why is your work so different?” they ask me. “Why do things that seemed impossible happen almost instantly, when I’ve tried myself for months (and in some cases years or decades!)?”

And I tell them the truth: the universe responds to the continuous joy of wholeness.

When we’re tuned into our whole, true self, we’re creating from joy, and things change effortlessly, unconsciously. And miracles happen quickly and easily.  Pretty much daily.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to receive at least one miracle every day?  And felt joyful at the same time?

I’d love to help you with that!  And now you can do it while you sleep!